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70 years anniversary

The demonstration on the border at St. Germanshof is celebrating its yearly anniversary

On Sunday, the 6th of August 1950 - 70 years ago - more than 300 students, professors, politicians and journalists from nine countries came to the border station at St. Germanshof. During the well-planned operation, they tore down the barriers on the German and French sides and declared their support for a common Europe. This historically significant event ultimately laid the groundwork for the later Schengen Agreement. At the same time, the memory of this event is an opportunity to reflect on the ideas of the time in the context of today's challenges and to give an impetus to the future-oriented discourse of the citizens as a whole and of young people in Europe in particular.


There are currently no upcoming events.

European Monument

The monument consisting of twelve steles (in the style of the twelve stars of the European flag) erected in 2007 on the initiative of Dr. Herbert L. Breiner and his colleagues ("Aktionsgemeinschaft Bobenthal - St. Germanshof e.V.") commemorates the historically significant event of the year 1950, which ultimately laid the groundwork for the later Schengen Agreement. It is located on the field across from the former toll house at St. Germanshof.

Visit the European Monument at St. Germanshof


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